Over 7 years' experience developing web solutions means Cameron has a track record of web development delivering innovative, reliable and flexible online systems. He believes that technology goes hand in hand with great web design, inventive online marketing, and together with the application of commercial objectives will create successful and innovative web sites.

Cameron is proud to work closely with a number of top internet development and hosting companies for his web programming.





































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  • ALFED Emailer design: Cameron Buxton
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  • Email marketing has proven to be an incredibly efficient, economical and useful tool for selling and informing the consumer quickly.

    HTML Emails have increased the effectiveness of this electronic medium by making information a lot more noticeable, easier to decipher and a visually attractive. We're not going to tell you who to target, or how to send your email, but we can communicate your message by designing and formatting your marketing emails in a manner where they're going to cut through the clutter and be noticed.

    In this example, the Aluminium Federation needed to notify their database of potential delegates of a imminent conference that were hosting. An email was designed that would give an overview of the conference details in an attractive way, and highlight the various options available for ticket purchase. The email was designed in the conference styling to continue the developed branding.